Our Approach

We are entrepreneurs who happen to find ourselves homeless for a variety of reasons and we are determined to be an asset to our community and to further the vibrant Santa Barbara economy by promoting our City. (See photo above–maybe we have had to be slightly pricky on the outside but we are beautiful flowering artisans now!)

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and one woman, who is a social entrepreneur, had a vision that her homeless neighbors could find a way to follow their creativity and make a living. She began on her own at the Path shelter around this new year 2019 to see if the residents had talents they could market. She quickly noted the vast talents of many of the residents and that any new initiative should be run by people experiencing homelessness. Now it is growing to include more of us who want to make a living and make Santa Barbara a better place for everyone to live.

The Plan

We will be continuing the art and building classes, using art supplies generously donated by the Squire Foundation and using art from scrap and found items. Due to Covid 19, the following ‘Key” plan has been suspended until it makes sense! We will continue to support our artists with supplies and storage. One day, we hope to make “Keys to SB,” which are souvenirs for tourists and others that will highlight the work and music done by all of us as well as wonderful things about Santa Barbara, as a memento of our beautiful City.

Next Steps..

We ask if you can donate $5, $10 or $25 dollars to this project to build these tourist “Keys to SB!” If you donate $25, once we have the project done, we will mail you three of them if you like! We cannot guarantee timing.